Azucena is the voice, the beauty, the new talent of our Mexican music. Azucena is constructing a very solid musical career, which she began energetically 14 years ago by singing in festivals in Guadalajara; afterwards in radio and television shows. Until her great opportunity came along when singing in the hacienda of the great mariachi singer Mr. Vicente Fernandez. This situation marked her musical career forever. In that place and under the Mexican sky, the Fernandez dynasty, Vicente and Alejandro Fernandez, became her mentors so that Sony Music Mexico signed her as an exclusive artist of the company. Currently she is promoting her new CD “Rezare”, independently.

She has presented her music in the most important scenarios of Mexico and the world. To illustrate: the 2000 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland amongst the world wide Presidents and Ministers of the time. As well, in Viña del Mar, Chile in the year 2004. Azucena continues having vast presentations in different festivals and “palenques” in Mexico and abroad, representing and honoring our mariachi music, with her beautiful and strong musical interpretations.

Azucena has alternated on stage by opening the musical concerts of personalities such as the Mariachi Vargas, Vicente Fernandez, Alejandro Fernandez, and sung alongside Queta Jimenez and Juan Valentin; the greatest Mariachi representatives. Nowadays she is considered as one of the best new female Mariachi singers in Mexico appearing in the most important TV shows and Mariachi festivities in Mexico. At the time, she is the official host for Televisa in “el Festival Internacional de Mariachi” which is held every year in Guadalajara. She as well has performed in the year 2008 as an artist in this very same festival alongside the world’s best Mariachi groups in the cities Degollado Theatre. You can see very often on the most popular TV show in Guadalajara aired by Televisa Guadalajara.

Many have been the invitations in the past and present to sing and perform other musical genres. Nevertheless, Azucena continues faithful to her Mexican heritage “Mariachi”.


Azucena La de Jalisco